The Garlic Press

Have you ever heard of this tool before?
Personally I was just introduced to it today, and I have to say it is the most degenerate and disgusting machination I have seen in my life.
It is emblematic of excess and vanity in modern society. A tool that saves no time and only results in more work, presented as a solution to a problem that never existed.
If you had gone your whole life without knowing that a garlic press exists, I wholeheartedly believe that you would never think that a tool for it would be needed, as using it is equivalent to smashing and cutting the garlic manually.
It appears to me that it's as useful as every other TV marketed "Super Kitchen Device/Tool". It makes no sense to me why anyone would consider this a necessary utensil in any way. If it's convenience then why not buy garlic powder? Because it's definitely a lot more convenient.
In fact, why not pay someone to cut the garlic for you? While you're at it, buy a motor wheelchair, since you clearly have no self respect...

I am at loss for words, in all honesty.


Considering you can buy minced or pre peeled garlic this is pretty damn usless

Jarred Garlic loses alot of flavor during the process

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Thanks for the video

Guy is unbearable but atleast it answered that no I can't just add more jarred g

I'm a garlic press user as I consider dicing garlic to be the worst task associated with cooking.

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Go back to pre stone age you fucking monkey

i dislike peeling them more than cutting/ dicing

@SOPHIE Can u give this man a custom title as "Garlic Press User"?

Dicing garlic is super easy with a good knife.
And I find it relaxing to chop things into little bits.

He can set his own title

yeah but it gets all sticky and sticks to your knife and fingers

minced and pressed garlic have different consistencies, with pressed usually having a stronger flavor

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This is what I was thinking. Pressed probably retains more of the juices. But it's a bitch to clean

This is a troll thread though

Are there any non-troll threads now?

It's an opinion piece.


And it's one of the best opinion pieces I've ever read. Bravo. Take notes kkat.