the goy club problem.

this shit keeps coming up and i feel like a thread discussing purely this subject is better than spamming every singup/post game/wherever else.

  1. Should any goyclub members be allowed to sign? why?
    (benny/dendi/jdance/jones, etc.)

  2. Should specific goyclub members be allowed to sign? why?

  3. Should an outright ban be in place for the goys or hosts choice? why?

  4. anything else goyclub related.

  • let goyclub play
  • ban goyclub

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Already been discussed, public opinion is clear

benny/dendi/jones are definitely better than the other goys

hosts choice otherwise

Host choice to allow who they want.

Player choice to not play with them.

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i agree but u got dans and roragoks saying to let em sign

yea dan is griefing

Let the host decide.

Unsign to show protest

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its up to the host, if it was me i would let benny sign a game i am a man who believes in redemption.

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Who is dendi


holds true. let em play

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