The Insect Crawls Through - Introducing Kep. TI8 new hero


Your lying.

Valve took the page down because they accidentally posted it too early

Oh, anyone got the deets?

valve wouldn’t randomly capitalize Insect

It’s a title. Just look it up on reddit or wait for the announcement tonight.

I can’t wait. What do you know now?

It was the insect hero from artifact

It looks like you have submitted a bug report. Please carefully read the following:

1. Game-Breaking Bugs

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  • must be submitted to the Dota 2 development forums and
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Examples: map hacks, network drop abuse, battle pass abuse, MMR abuse, etc.

2. Other Types of Bugs

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Examples: text errors and gameplay mechanic errors, etc.

3. Not a Programming Bug

If your thread is not a bug report, please ignore this message.
Examples: Nyx Assassin, Weaver, insects like Nmagane, etc.

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He’s lying

:lying_face: cmon nma

Well the announcement is going to be after the EG Liquid match so you’ll see.

alright moment of truth


Looks like I was right.

thats not a bug

Valve must of taken the blog article down to redesign the hero. It had a very similar theme.

Nmagane you are an insect.

your wrong your wrong

You’re not your.