the kyle interview [kyle interview #3]

kyle interview

hello thank you for accepting this interview.

Hi Kyle, thanks for offering the opportunity to interview, I’m glad someone with such great power could be the one to do this interview with me.

Q: okay so what does “kyle” stand for?
A it was a random name that i chose. my real name is theodore.

Q: as site owner how do you keep your loyal henchmen in order(such as bees)
A i regularly give them lashings to ensure proper behavior.

Q: so you give them lashings as a form of punishment?
A no. for pleasure. they are disgusting human beings and as a reward for being loyal henchmen i give them lashings

Q: what is your favorite restaurant?
A Mcdonalds.

Q: you were recently the title “site journalist”, though its been well known for quite awhile you are the best journalist how has this “promotion” made you feel?
A i feel nothing, i’ve always been myself. fuck you for assuming i’d feel special for receiving a meeaningless title(it isnt meaningless, it means i have power over plebs like alightsoul)

Q: why did alightsoul grief you while you played minecraft?
A Wintermute is more than likely a terrorist, story is pending.

Q: do you think alightosul griefed you because your minecraft house was far more superior than his shitty stupid boat?
A yes his boat was stupid and my house was better, perhaps that was his motivation but as i said before i think he just was to bomb everything.

Q: okay thank you for doing this interview, i know youre always busy running this website and providing hard hitting journalism.
A you’re welcome, you’ve given me the best interview i’ve ever had. thank you for being a genius and great journalist

Q: you’re welcome, any shoutouts kyle?
A no. fuck namafia. i wouldve shouted out dan but he did not give into my demands.

again i’d like to thank kyle for coming down on short notice to give me this interview, he pushed aside a lot of important things so that he could provide me this story.

Interview meeee

you were attempting to lie about private messaging me. if you provide valuable information on alightsoul maybe you would get an interview

everyones got demands

If I give enough tips can I be your assistant

i am consdiering it.

Thank you for teasing out some of the forthcoming expose of alightsoul

I’m noticing some inconsistencies in this story. I’ll have my PI look into the matter.

Good stuff. You really grilled him

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thank you forrest