The Longhouse

it wasnt the only thing he said and he said something about "how dark the universe is" or something

he turned himself into a pickle


at the end of True Detective s1 Rust has a long monologue about life and philosophy it's like the last scene

it's not a monologue it's reciting a dream he had near death

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Rust smokes. Its hard to be an optimist when youre a smoker

ah okay


The accounts resting heart rate is parabolic

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dont care just a great world of warcraft quote


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Wtf is "Counter Strike 2"

There are already 6 counter strikes

Map maker looks cool though

it's a videogame

Oh makes sense now. That's cool

yea im guessing since no counterstrike game was called counter strike 2 valve thought they could call this videogame counter strike 2

Kind of like how they called their other video game "Dota 2"

And even "Team Fortress 2"