"The Lounge" access has been changed.

i've been told that the goys had infiltrated the lounge and a popular thread "ITT:BLOG" which is in the Lounge had been used by the goys to harass people and thus ppl stopped posting there.

i've removed goy access to the lounge and now the lounge is a goy-free zone aka ur blog threads safe.

IF you do not have access to the lounge and you're not a goy then message me and i'll give you access.

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Wow actual mod

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can i get access back?

who are you


Or nmagane pretending to be brendan

well for some reason they had access to the lounge but i took it away since theyre goy.

I need the lounge

you've been added

im a top 317th osu player in canada

gimme lounge

@big_ass goy check pls

Not goy

ok youve been added.

thanks @big_ass

bump. anyone who doesn't have access to "the lounge" which is basically just a private subforum for more personal stuff feel free to msg me.