The MOST BROKEN dota 2 team comps

As ya know im the best drafter in dota 2 So i'm gonna tell you drafts that CANNOT lose a fucking game.

Mid - OD
Support - Jakiro
Safelane - Nightstalker
Hard support - Silence
Offlane - Mars.

Lane 2 -2 with jak and mars off.

Pretty just run at towers and people every night time. in this thread we create drafts that pros will eventually stumble upon and it will be banned out before we ever see it in a pro game.

Mid - Pudge
Hard Support - Rhasta
Jungle - Chen
Safelane- Lifestealer
Offlane - Windrunner

Lane 1 - 1 - 2 and just push towers early and play for high ground with pudge and contest runes. Put the first kongor on lifestealer and push for rax.

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Mid - SF
Safe - Necro
Support- abbaddon
off - Slardar
Support - io

Lane Slardar off with io for passive gameplay while abbaddon necro become unkillable bottom.
Double zone lanes and help sf as needed. Get blink on slardar and keep ganking while sf farm and necro abbadon keep pushing as 2. You only lose if SF is dumpster tier in the mid matchup. Relocate slardar io for ganks and big fights as needed too.

I believe the strongest composition is 5 str heroes. Doesn't matter which ones because there is no strategy required to win this game. Just run at people until you win.

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Well your wrong.

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