The NAMafia Purges

There is a vile infection coursing through the bloodstream of this forum. That infection is alightsoul. He is a plague upon any community he makes contact with, save one, The Goy Club.

Asoul managed to find his way into the Teamspeak, yet they were uninfected. They just berated him and made fun of him for being the snake that he is. That is the only cure.

We must heed The Goy Club’s example. We must ostracize and insult asoul at every given opportunity. We must rid ourselves of all asoul sympathizers. Only then may this forum recover and grow into what it should be.

Rally together, for after much longer it shall be too late. We must exterminate the plague of afatsoul



I’m about to lose my shit because of assoul - the Montezuma’s revenge coursing through the anals of our NAmafia body politik

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hes fine I also don’t interact with him outside of mafia so what do I know

Is Alightsoul shady as fuck? Yes
Does Alightsoul create and feed off drama? Yes
Does Alightsoul make high-effort posts which are occasionally funny? Yes

I guess it comes down to what you value on the forum. I don’t care much about how the person behaves/is in real life as long as they make funny and entertaining posters, hence why I tolerate posters such as REFPSI and Jdance while Ewiz (and arguably Asoul) hates them with a passion.

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I’ve seen Tim Tebow in real life.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.



I definitely get what you guys are saying in this thread but I have to ask you Ewiz -

Have you considered this image

Eat. Sleep. Fortnite. Repeat.

His ratio of funny to unfunny/exceptionally low quality posts is effectively zero, as the rate of those increases exponentially faster than the high quality/not awful ones by the day

Where am I in this image?

def crocodile

Lil mama back it up im pipin’

can i join the goy club?