the namafia union.

here we unionize against the tyrant dan. pay up or suffer our wrath dan.

post here if u havent received fair payment from dan.



I haven't received payment

Where’s my commission for bringing Agubar here

you actually have to pay reparations for that. sorry i dont make the rules

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what is the monthly contribution into the union? Can i be the treasurer?

fuck, i could pay you to make him leave haha

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union dues are 10 wongs a month, in exchange for being able to negotiate and bargain salary and benefits with your employer Dan @SOPHIE

Can I be the viceroy

wongs could have been the next bitcoin but Aaron Stern let nadota die.


Will scab for double rate

Idk I'm retiring early off my portion of the namafia profit share.

58 is our minimum retirement age out here in the postyards... perhaps you mean worker's comp

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fuck off scab