The Public Humiliation of the Virgin Duo : Nmagay and And Brencringe get their life ruined or a Tale Of Two Bases.

Getting ready for force wipe, we all were excited to get back in to Rust, with no suprise , The Virgin duo had other plans for this wipe to fulfill the gaping abcess of self loathing and pathetic futility of their existence.

They proceed to harass Chris into not letting me join the base, make a private voice channel, and start playing.

As one does, i set myself on a path of righteous vengeance. Proceed to make my own 2x1 by the Train Yard and farm materials.

Couple hours in im fairly loaded and crafting guns.

I see from the global chat chris flaming someone they ganked in Harbor. Pictured: Initial Inquiry

Context: I walk into their base 3 hours in. Fucking chris is shooting me with an English Longbow. Donned in my tactical suit, i dome im in the face and proceed to pursue nmagane.

Pictured : Nmagane 3 hours into wipe

I proceed to switch to my Crossbow to put this pathetic miserable vermin out of his painful existence(he's not worth shooting with a gun.), he's dead before he hits the ground.

Pictured: Me giving all the loot back to the 14 year old kid Chris flamed after killing.


truly sorry you had to endure this. hopefully the gang comes around

hahahaha sooo true

The courage to die to 10 yearolds

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I dont understand the thread

the public humiliation:
pretend to play rust in private teamspeak channel to mind rape toprak

we didn't play rust.

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dont worry cobb i edited out that picture you accidently edited in with a nakey man

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Lol. his post is ruined now too. thanks for being a good mod.

dead on arrival thread.

Sorry but this thread doesn't allow pets. @Vanilla_Town please escort your animal outside.

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nobody played or ever will play rust.

go back to V Rising i think. you're too gullible lol.
Brendan and I were playing street fighter the whole time.

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100 iq turk moment

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Took 0.6 hours ingame to get you to get in the chastity cage for the whole night and now extending into namafia threads.
enjoy locktober.

First time I have ever heard of Rust and it sounds really fun.


Exactly 34 minutes to completely mind control a little bug man from 0 to 100%.

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