The ReRun | Game Discussion & MVP

Day 1: The ReRun Day #1
Day 2: The ReRun Day #2
Day 3: The ReRun Day #3
Day 4: The Rerun Day #4

Who is your vote for MVP?

  • KrazyKat
  • kyle
  • ian
  • Matticus
  • bazingaboy
  • Nyte
  • slowdive
  • SCSF
  • theGreatWingdingi
  • LuckyArtist
  • Gamut

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KYle You Cant Vote For Yourself

i participated in this game. i deserve a vote.

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@theGreatWingdingi please vote for me. THEY are trying to rob me.

Guys This Poll Is Not a Joke Please Vote For The Best Plyaer Not The Worst Player

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@Nyte thank you for your vote, you are greatly appreciated.

I can't vote for you because I need to vote for myself. I was the MVP.

No You Are Not Allowed To Vote For Yourself

I did it and i'm going to keep doing it even if they ban me

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i completely understand. if i hadn't voted for myself you would certainly have my vote.

@bazingaboy it hurts my very deeply to see you did not vote for me. i will remember this.

I always vote for myself, nothing personnel

I'm not racist -- i voted for LBJ

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I like how kyle plays scum, somehow even though I was looking for it he kept me from voting him

thanks babe

Voting for yourself is so small brain honestly

Lucky did the best at playing a very towny game.
He even gave his scum buddies shit for voting a lylo. I was impressed.

As for Kyle refusing to hammer, I think that was hilarious.
The game was already won by scum, so why not have some fun?
And it worked. They still won.

Don’t encourage him

the people have spoken. crown your king. it is i.

thats an iaafr vote