The State Of The Forum And Those Responsible

To, Dan, Slowdive, and the faggot collective.

This website had potential, a potential to be a newly forged version of nadota, we could have still had activity, users, and proper discussion like the good old days.

But what did you do? You banned people for calling you faggots, and you let the people that type down twitch emotes in, on a false hope that they will stay for good. Now what happened? Every single one of these fags left, and all that's left is the people you vehemently banned. You forced us to burn this website twice as bright, and it died twice as fast.

No revenue, no mafia , no nyte. Nothing. Even jones doesn't post here anymore. A heartfelt FUCK YOU from all the real users of this website. I hope you're satisfied with what you did. You were supposed to be the saviours, but you ruined it all.

@SOPHIE @anon31000304

I hope you have fun browsing r/ whatever and never visiting this place again.


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naught but a city lost to sands.

Yes, turn over ownership of the site to me (Jones), and give me an API Key.

I_R destroyed na dota


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I don't know most of the posters here anymore. :frowning_face:

Hi, my name's Gamut. I play guitar and spam Ogre mid.