The stock market

5000 voo
5000 spy
1000 sndl
1000 bb
1000 btc

What u guys in on

bomb it

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3k going in microsoft once my transfer clears

Why don’t u just trade options

Msft went up 2.5% today before I could buy. Gay hope it drops again

Blackberry gained too. Good to see it's still up despite the memes being over I expect it to be $20 eoy.

Things I expect tomorrow:

BB down 5%
Microsoft down 1.8%
Amazon to return to yesterday's close

someone front me money so i can buy msft

Kill everyone with a stock portfolio and redistribute their wealth to save the planet.

You are a poor loser with no job or future prospects

All of these were false

I own $6k in bb

Why would you invest in a dead canadian phone brand whose products haven't seen any use since obama's first term in office?

Because they haven't been a phone brand in 5 years

It's a good stock

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Need more. WSB is gonna hop on this shit, biden bucks coming up, as well as a few other BB catalysts is going to drive this stock to $40

Will sell at 2x

I actually think I have more in the bank than you now.

Not bad for a rockstar with no job.

wrong i am 26k in bank