The Thread is Being Spammed With forums that i dont know how to read. I have multitudes of questions. 1) are you reading these forums 2) are you shoeing these forums to your friends 3) are you incentivised to contribute to these debate

The question is simple. The thread is under attack by goyclub. They are spamming forums. Their forums arent worth reading, and should probably being posted in the [SPAM] imageboards. The question is complex. Do you support the move by the goyquorum to infiltrate the forums create a tadpole button. Does new life arise from the forums. Is that life cystic? Who are we to decide. If you had to become star trek, what would picard do? Its an important question.

  • Become star treks stance
  • Do nothing
  • Become q's stance
  • Become some other life form ideology
  • Antimoderate alightsoul

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How can I undo my vote? :rofl: Clicked by accident

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I would use the transporter to teleport them into the warp core.

This thread is more spam

you can remove vote if you show vote instead of results

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  • It happened recently
  • It happened before
  • It will happen
  • It has always been happening

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When did this picture take place?


So true

@Roragok @SOPHIE What do you think?

Same stance as always. Flag the posts

good thread

jdance has been rolling out some bangers this summer