The Toprak Situation

He looks so fuckin old

hit that like if you have no idea who toprak is

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The Turk

Salt Bae posts here?

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don't ever say that again or you're banned

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ah I see keepin it hush hush. smart

The Addicted Identity

Typically, identity is built by our lifestyle choices as well as our values and morals. Once someone becomes afflicted by addiction, their whole life and identity will begin to revolve around just that. Therefore, causing a person to adopt the addicted identity, commonly unknowingly.

The addicted identity is centered around a few ideas, beliefs, and behaviors such as:

  • Believing that sober people are dull.
  • Drinking or getting high is a priority above all else.
  • Nonconformity and criminal activity become a badge of respect.
  • Addict-specific sense of humor – sometimes referred to as gallows humor.
  • Willingness to use dishonesty as a way to get what they want.
  • High tolerance for sexual promiscuity.
  • The belief that substance abuse promotes creativity.
  • Believing all achievements should be celebrated with substances.
  • An “us against them” bond with other addicts.
  • Distrust of addiction professionals and therapists.
  • The belief that substances provide comfort during rough times.