The Toprak Situation

Not sure what's going on. Does anyone have any idea?


I really don't know what triggered him to suddenly freak out in the middle of a completely calm conversation.
We were discussing DotA and twitch, and he suddenly decided to "go craaayyyzee"

If he just explained why he's doing the "crazy angry roleplay" I would understand - but he's probably just watching PewDiePie or Qojqva the whole time while pretending to be upset.

I tried messaging him on other platforms but I didn't get any answers. Weird guy, so bipolar haha :slight_smile:

is this a whacky guy doing silly things type scenario?

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He wants to run away from home again hahahahaha so quirky

nmaGane: your online needy bitch girlfriend

what's your real name? samantha? jenny?

is that what your parents considered naming you?

none of those names start with the letter E

big E


What do you mean needy? I was just checking in on my friend but then he has a meltdown.

E man

If caring about my friends' well being and mental state makes me a needy bitch then so be it.
But social nihilism is not my style - maybe it works out for you.

he just isnt that into you

Well I posted this thread so he knows that we all still care for him, and even if he has nobody on his side in his "real life" - we're all still rooting for him in our own ways.

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my face when toprak blocks me on discord: