The Weather Channel

please update with your areas weather

there is currently heavy hail and storms over here. looking pretty intense.

Clear with occasional clouds.


girl downstairs sits outside in a bikini for most of the day


it's warm

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no more rain it's gone away, will probably come again another day

In fact it's kind of annoying

Wish she would put some clothes on - it's indecent

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Is she tanning?


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64 F out. Got the windows open ceiling fan on low. Perfect temp for my new down duvet. I've missed this combo.

It's fine here.

Went hiking this morning near banyalbufar, poor visibility, conditions were unexpectedly drizzly and I was without a coat. Talked politics and the state of America's shrinking middle class with a Belgian man who works in marketing and sales for a wire factory and a woman who builds schools in Ethiopia.

Currently 77°F and sunny. Doppler radar shows @yns is a huge faggot, so nothing has changed on that front.

one day u will feel my wrath and I will crush u

this is a gamer move

can I just say the sexual tension between these two is so firm you could spank it

its quite literally a big joint of meat

Out of the 100s thankfully.

hot as shit