These BLM protests needs a new chant line


they tossed tear gas at peaceful protesters so trump could get a photo op in front of a church shut the FUUUUUUUCK up


Ive just been reporting all of his posts as spam so he gets automoderated

making progress away from your bitch boy status good job

A group of black people is not a riot numeta

Dude just private message refpsi about this or go back to your echochambers no one wants to read your shit

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You're a racist piece of shit

It wouldn't surprise me if you hated faggots too

you say a peaceful protest = rioting

you are a braindead piece of shit fuck you fuck your family fuck those you love

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i can't breathe is a good line

This explains his brain damage.

So Bunker Boy Trump sent tear gas grenades to hit a church so he could get a photo op?

WTF is misfired in your brain?


What was your GPA before you dropped out

This shit isn't funny any more. You racist idiot fucks are actually destroying our country. I kindly request you to hang yourself before a civil war starts

No you didn't

Trump ordered troops to fire on peacefully protesting people.
Not to keep the peace.
Not to restore order.
He did it because he (stupidly) thought it would be a great photo op.
He was dumb, and his people were too afraid to tell him he was dumb.

so because some folks the night before set the church on fire, the people peacefully protesting the day of deserve to be tear gassed

but its just some "bad apples" for cops right

If racist dumbfucks like you weren't racist to begin with nobody would be rioting

But you're so insecure and hate yourself so much that the only way you can feel good about yourself is to hate others

And I'm the one saying this, that's how you know you're fucked

Friendly reminder to flag all his posts as spam

Never knew you could use tear gas canisters as projectiles

pretty clever

numeta until you say this stuff to a protestor on the street and record yourself doing so and then post it here you are a piece of shit who has no business existing

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