These Entities are getting UPPITY

Yo lemme start by saying these otherwordly entities are getting UPPITY. They was on they bully time last night making it hard to sleep. I dont know why the fuck homie was dancing on my mattress like that, im just with my eyes closed, and i can see him. what makes it crazy is they appear before me even when my eyes are open.

I know when im in direct communication with the otherworld because i close my eyes and see this white but gray at the same time light flash and suddenly, i can see them. I've been able to manifest things in that realm but how the fuck am i supposed to know what dancing homie wanted? he just deadass moving random. So i decided to punch him but he ate that shit and kept dancing.

what was i supposed to do? Im thinking about playing some music for him next time i see him.

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Yes mighty Shaman

I also managed to manifest my body in shadow form a few days ago, but got attacked immediately by a succubus and busted all over my sheets no semen wasted just the liquid.managed to keep the sacred secretion but did lose some precum juice.

what was i supposed to do? i just finished smashing the other succubus and retained, so they sent me to the next tier demon bitch, I was powerless boys, but strong enough to keep the semen.

i def advise over body manifestation, stick to lucid dreaming, if you slip into sleep with a manifested body I am certain you are OPEN in the physical for possession hence why that succubus got my juice.

at this point its unethical to not call new york city services on you

you know how many times they tried to 51/50 me as a kid? get off that police state/thought control dick, i'm a great citizen and i help a lot of people.

yeah but your schizophrenia might get out of control and you could hurt somebody

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Never have hurt anyone unjustly, and never will. Its not my fault they are torturing schizos into taking pills that cause them to lose human sympathy.

they really tried to drug me for it as a kid, fuck them.


yes because self defense is just.


yeah i think being drugged for it as a kid is pretty fucked but youre getting to the age where it can advance and make you say, confuse what is right or who is right or even who is who

especially if you do stuff like smoke weed, which you do

I've been this way all my life. I am in full contact with demons angels and otherworldy entities, I am able to channel voices, and I have about 7 consistent streams that can enter my physical mind at anytime, within or without the call of night.

In the dark I can perceive many other realms, and I know who and what lurks in the shadows. I have mastery over my emotions and body. And I am able to conjure things mentally.

unfortunately doctors want to drug and asylum me.

could just be a larp


we wish

anyone know this guys real name

either way its not our responsibility and we've done what we can to inform the guy and this is likely a therapeutic space for him that we'd be depriving of by "getting rid of him for his sake" so

If doctors and governments would stop needing so much thought control, and stop drugging people like me, maybe i'd have less rage.