They try to silence me, I shall not be silenced

Ban Kyle

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yep, i stand by it sport. im sure anyone else will as well.

Go fuck your self

I appreciate your persistence but Kyle's post is right

Kyle and Roragok handled that one well (as did all the mafia players who did not respond in the thread)

I knew they wouldn’t post because they have self control unlike me and u (and Kyle but fuck him)

Also there’s a reason why I waited to post until u were ded

Did I post in that thread I dont remember

Yea but u were dead

Well my post is gone (which is moderator abuse)

Ban kyle

Wait no idiot if you scroll up it’s there

Yes ban Kyle but no this specifically isn’t a case of mod abuse

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I'm being abused

shut up lbj

Shut the fuck up fart head



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I invented the coronavirus to repopulate the forum.