thinking of spreading seed in the world

thinking about spreading seed and ducking parental obligations, i cant see myself living or being around a woman. Or a child for that matter.



Hope ur talking about gardening



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Enablers smh

Do it

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A man’s duty is to sow the fertile soil of the world and spread his seed as far as possible. Any less is simply not fulfilling of what god has made you for

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sow that wheat farm boy. cultivate those relationships LMAO fucking nerd

of course and fertile women too.

real one as always.

U are a poor wagie stuck in a cagie

peepee poopoo dude

I’m a freer man than you will ever be because I don’t spend a quarter of my life clocking in to make a shit wage to just barely get by

ill think of how free you are next time my turd smears on the side of the bowl before hitting the water

seed spread :white_check_mark:
holocaust denied :white_check_mark:
jdance bullied :white_check_mark:

@kat your boys are way outta line rein them in before i have to beat them up

Wtf did i do what happened

just referencing how the biggest losers with inflated senses of self worth here enjoy harassing you (i only do it as a side quest part time gig im totally normal and perfectly adjusted)

might spec back into the anger skill tree it feels good sometimes

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Im depressed now

ok mr. Pallet seller, mr. Veteran making 50k or less a year, no family, no wife, no children, maybe you should be another suicide statistic LOL!