This forum is look very bully

no bully pls


Hey sir it’s me ur brother


sup my brother

tbh i thought making a topic would get me a FORUM BADGE but alas that did not happen

Sup I lost my motivation

motivation is fleeting, discipline is where its at

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Look at you, grinding badges and encouraging togetherness. Im so proud to have such a model user :")


Discipline doesn’t exist. If you want to do something, you would. If you don’t do something, you clearly didn’t want that thing.

discipline does exist, its sacrificing the short term for your long term gain! That is a skill or behaviour pattern that can be taught and refined

What if there is no long-term gain?

Define long

Or no gain at all

at LEAST 5 inches

Not sure, can you give me an example?

Why are we posting on this forum? There is no Short term or Long term Gain to be had.

I Should Be Reading

Perhaps you’re doing it out of habit

Klaze don’t do this

Do what?

I think you may have mistaken me, I don’t think togetherness can be encouraged since it is a process that occurs naturally.