this girl is giving nudes for $10 donations to australia's fires

she's raised like 300k already. what a champ.

Well dagnab that's a whore with a heart of gold right there




  1. already sells porn of herself for a living
  2. is linking her onlyfans at 7-10k and it's at the top of her profile so at what point is this using your self to support a tragedy and at what point is it using the tragedy to support yourself
  3. sex work isn't empowerment. also quite funny that out of all posters it was kittens that started this thread
  4. i have the nude. dm me for a peek

and with those 4 points i will have probably pissed off everybody who isn't already an ass on this site - apologies to the 2 of you

empowerment? i really didn't read into it that much.. like, at all. i honestly just thought it was funny lol
i don't care for all the equality for women/feminist/all men are misogynists shit. i think it's been taken to some insane extremes that are beyond reason and regular comprehension. if you dress like a skank, expect people to look at you.. not some bullshit about i should be able to walk around naked and be respected and not stared at as an equal rights human being

that turned out to be way more than i intended to post.
tl;dr, celebrities are donating relief funds, streamers are raising money, and even cam girls are raising money.. whatever works, i just want the continent to stop burning... it's so devastating and the pictures are so sad, especially of the animals

leave it to alightsoul to try and ruin nudes and money going to a good cause.

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yeah I was largely responding to when i opened the twitter and see all the maniacs

twitter is a dystopian hellscape

and it's great that people have raised this money but unfortunately just a band-aid for a real issue which is that people still aren't making the connection that they need to not just donate 10 dollars for relief but actually vote in people that aren't morons

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hubert doobert as always a vocal advocate for women


agreed with alightsoul. twitter sucks

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You're wrong, money is a superb fire fighting agent.

based cringe

no idea about australia but the reason northern canadian wildfires were so bad this year is because we've been aggresively fighting wildfires for so long that forests aren't burning when they should. its a natural part of a forests life cycle and our forests have been getting older and dryer for decades ands its actually good for the environement to kill elephants

Yeah those elephants in the Yukon are a big problem. /s

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#3 it's fucked up whenever u learn more about sex workers how shitty their lives are and how they're exploited, mistreated, tricked or manipulated. how for most of them they don't have a choice and if they didn't do that kind of work they would either be on the street or dead.

this is why hentai is the only ethical porn