This Is Not Us.

We're challenging the negative stereotypes attached to Ireland and the Irish people - This Is Not Us .

Following research for this campaign, we uncovered predictive search data which shows that many incorrect and misleading perceptions of the Irish still prevail globally - the most common of which link the Irish to fighting, drinking, potatoes and holding grudges.

The This Is Not Us campaign aims to confront these perceptions head-on by using them to visualise what a person would look like if they were true. The resulting imaginary character, Paddy McFlaherty, shows just how misleading these stereotypes can be. Created using CGI and based entirely on perceptions, this character displays and embodies how, according to Google search suggestions, Irish stereotypes still exist - something which EPIC are hoping to change.

Thoughts? Found this very interesting and it does seem like it will counter some negative stereotypes.

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Cringe and Britishpilled

have you seen sam hyde's debut in the ksi thing

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Yeah haha, one of the funniest things I've ever seen