This Is What Euros Are Up To These Days?

Google popped this giant dookie of an article up on my suggested reads this morning - dude reads like a massive Euro and HotS player. These whiny goblin boys better stay clear of my jungle before they get slapped up

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Donald Trump needs to get the wall up and start watching the airports closely because these guys are absolute lunatics

I don't want to live in a world where every insult you lob during a motherfucking videogame at some low iq peruvian/russian degenerate is documented and curated in some report for others to take out of context and question whether or not you're a racist

i never got why some dota players are so toxic in all chat.

by the time i quit dota i'd just mute literally everyone at the start of every game

its disgusting how this articles arguing that somethings gotta be done. the only thing that seems like it needs to get done is valve needs to stop collecting/sharing random pubchat data. im just glad eurogamer hsant figured out theres other players with exposed logs out there, fuck 7ckngmad but fuck this persecution more lmao

i feel like mute is more than enough to deal wiht stuff like this

ooh its pride month this month that reminded me last year twitter ceo had to apologize for posting a tweet from eating at chick-a-file during pride month cuz chick-a-fila somehow associated with anti-lgtbq stuff

While the having to apologize about eating a sandwich is dumb to me it's not 'somehow' associated with anti-lgbt stuff. The CEO is very open about hating lgbt stuff, bit he also donates and funds some of the 'pray the gay away' camps

In other news I discovered in the creation of this thread that while the terms ■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■ and ■■■■■■■ are censored, Euroniggers is apparently completely fine

What about turboniggers


haha european gamers really are something else :smile:


lmfao these new dota boys who buy cosmetics are so soft adn spineless, no matter how good they think they are they NEVER want no smoke, they just wanna be bitchy and whiny but if you call them out they mute you, they are such pussy ass bitches man.

I NEVER MUTE, unless they get retarded static or music in the background, anyone using the mute because they dont want ot be critizied by someone is a fucking pussy.