this made me lol

'we had no management and got nothign done for 10 years oopsie'

im sure that structure led to an insanely toxic culture between coworkers. theres probably some people who are just freeloading barely actually doing shit but for people who actually had a project they were passionate about, begging other people to work on it and consider it worth their time must have been exhausting

yea i super agree
im also sure getting a project 'greenlit' was more about how much your coworkers liked you than how good the idea was.

There's a new documentary but nobody can watch it because it spoils HL:A and nobody's played the game yet

And they still can't count to 3.

Their management style has ruined Dota 2 completely. Where is the incentive to play a game where you win or lose from minute 0 because of your draft?