Thought Experiment

If someone had eternal life and committed a heinous crime, what would you consider to be the maximum jail time that that person should face?

Up to forever cthulhu style

you're stupid

You're unimaginative

i would say 5 (five) years

5 years for say causing the extinction of an intelligent species?

it has been shown that extended periods of time in prison lead to worse outcomes when released.

therefore, if we imprison someone with eternal life for extended periods of time, we will create a monster

this is why 5 years should be the maximum prison sentence.

They can’t be killed?

That's correct

what is the crime and who or what suffered from it

Systemic child rape and murder

only they have an eternal life?


They cannot die unless they choose to

Yeah lock em up


Hopefully we figure out a way to accurately discern their remorse and future intentions, we got plenty of time from his perspective (until the end of it apparently)

And it's a good experiment. Let's do it for science

Maybe take him apart and see how he ticks, take some notes.

jdance advocating for the release of shudde m'ell and cthulhu more news at 9


Submerge in concrete wait for it to dry, then wrap said concrete in reinforced water tight plastic, throw in the bottom of a very deep part of the ocean