Thoughts about europeans and islamophobia

Even the european countries that've harbored like tiny amounts of refugees are all up in arms about how they're destroying their society and tearing everything apart.

I'm seeing people online that are going crazy about shooting down muslims because they're scum of the earth or something.

Come on dude, i hate muslims as much as the next ■■■■■■ but this is just funny, it's hilarious how afraid they are of 17 something year old boys breaking glass bottles on the street or whatever. They are literally afraid of teenagers dude. They want to mow them down with machine guns because of how scared they are from their violentness.

These people in their sedated lives and quiet neighbourhoods literally shit their pants at the thought of being confronted with some teenager muslim kid on the street. That's sad.

being anti-Muslim in 2020 is the ethical equivalent of being opposed to the Axis in the 40s, and yes, given the chance, I would go back in time to kill baby Hitler.

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Those xenophobic chandwellers are just losing it cuz they've been fed nonsense by other Europeans trolling them. Some of the anti Islam shit I see being spread and repeated sounds so farfetched that Im starting to think everyones in on it

I would leave your sand dwelling country now if possible; in 15 years time when Florida is rendered uninhabitable you'll be barred from entering climate zones that are still hospitable.

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The ultimate goal for the elites is to depress wages through immigration, disarm the citizenry, and then let all of us starve to death when the the ocean is only filled with plastic walmart bags, algae, and jellyfish.

I recently saw the building plans for a C-level executive of a multinational oil company and it unironically had an underground bunker; they know what's coming.

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I guess when youre that rich it kinda makes sense. Id rather die than unironically live in the Fallout universe personally

jones is right, the climate apocalypse is coming

Idk I feel like America could use a little shariah.

it was the isis plan all along to turn the west against muslims

All we gotta do is pay a measley jizya and we get allah protection sounds like a sweet deal

I dont fear these 3rd world mongrels. I fear the reprocussions for bashing them in being a white male in libtard areas.

jacob will pay the jizya

u could go bomb a mosque and be the first canadian muslim killer

too late

get with ur mass-shooting lore

lol only in north america where u say a random nationality and muslim killer and it actually exists

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mexican trans killer

i bet that exists

shut up Turk you’re all pedophiles there