Thoughts on Lynchvote Standardization

just process everything with @l0nch

the point is to be able to search real votes only with \@lynch as a search term

doesnt matter if the other part is a mention or not or bold or not, the @l0nch itself is what marks it as serious

lets all agree on this so we’re on common ground

unless the mention is required for the bot in which case yea you’ll need to mention every time too


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i concur

one @ is probably better. its easier to type on mobile and the bot shouldnt really care one way or another.

searching 2 @s is broken too i think you gotta do @onething /u/otherthing to see posts with both @s in them.

the only real pro is it forces everyone onto the correct alias when they use a lynch and if they spell their name wrong it wont format liek a username

Mention for bot for standardized usernames to perserve data. Even if you change your name the uid lookup should be the same.

Also mantaining alias is dumb.

Moving forwt the plan that I’m working on is
@mafiabot lynch @username

@Roragok Lynch Recorded, but not really.

Also it prob won’t reply to lynch votes. Was just testing it fire.

The @ isn’t really required but full forum username is. Figured it is easier to use @ tho

Let me know if that makes sense. Typing on my phone and I’m tired.

yeah it would be easiest to standardize the names to begin with

personally i think aliases would be very comfy once theyre setup and working but i get that so few lynches should be submitted from a player that it’d justify needing to shorten the handle

@mafiabot lynch jdance

@iaafr Lynch Recorded, but not really.

will this be up in time for the next game? (not counting lbj’s anon thing)

prolly not, the bots response is a bit misleading. its just basically confirming that it heard you say that. no eta rn

I like the @l0nch bot because it makes it easy. Adding the @mafiabot would make it more confusing.

@Roragok @mafiabot @l0nch @krazykat

We could probably do something to make it count @l0nch @username

But it would require setting up the bot to watch all mafia threads.

Not sure if you masquerade if you can change settings, so whoever created the account would need to log in for that.