three more days until I'm ____ (You know who this is)

Going by my failing cognitive abilities, specifically concerning lack of organizational thinking: rationalize childhood idelaoigcal structure into modern day life. stack overflow. does not compute. going by my failing cognitive abilities, i predict it will be around three days until my brain, which recently has been indulging more and more edge cases inside my own belief system toward mental illness and religion, will shut down and i will be instuitionalized.

They planted Tulips all around my childhood school, black smarms of mud through the winter yes, but with spring... With Spring: Yellow sherberts began to populate the large swarths of western ___ -- dictated and delineated through a ragtag cast of string and tinwire from the caretaker. At age 5 I saw a frog there dead, and I made myself get sick.

(A pond he said? Someone needs to get that man some help. Yes pond, not for idealogical purposes but for the imagery of a still weltering creek which is the position of which I feel my spirit settling to decline.

Finches and Robins still scour rings around the rosy.

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I did not read this

Alight! For no soul a mortal coil into this linguistic dungeon of epokryscy. Oh, how the wives once. Wilted all willow in their blue little dresses. Your, Needs, Soon! Just dance away the pains again maganus and low keys dispelled:


Of his pride, yes. Ehyporkchrisy.

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Frankly I must say I did in fact, and i must emphasisize I do not usually masterbate to girls and especially not full clothed girls and especially not full clothed girls that I do not know but Frankly there was no Grime to the matter. But were there guilt to be displayed in the wickens of the post-coitus spoil?

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Perhaps we should all just work less around our father with cancer and cherish the relatives that are humble and brief. So slippery, time! As is, the mind. Chase one end and the sunset is all you will find.

They'll scrub and blunt the thoughts away from me with pills and potions in the psychiatric ward.

But will they scrub the underlying idea? When all emotion is rubbed raw from the weathered welts of my spirit, when all anxiety and terror has been torn into the recesses of time! What seeds will remain?

Will I still make good on my promise? The vengeance to a permaneance of stalkerage toward a site administrator? What a laugh! I know I'll feel better then, and they'll scrub all away, but will they scrub the promises that delilitate on vayn. Oh brother.

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I have a hunch for a pony. A turny for a horsewidow! Oh we share our avatar and tastes alike, post-cleansing I wonder if I'll still have the same taste in Woman.

To settle down on a farm with some CHILDREN! She was taken too soon, kittens kept the community.

Call a troll a troll. With time, a griefer. Two times, a goy. Oh they change the words don't they, they change the methods and methodologies but always the same in the end! Insincere.. petulant posts only to ridicule others on the board!

But what if they were genuine in themselves. What if, through the guise of scheming mavericks, they were able to mask in true spirit from their internal lives onto the outer form. And surely all art can be sampled and analysed and inspected to reproduce the creator!

2+2 = 4 and not 5.

That is the truth. Inherently. But inherent only to Mathematics, another waste of time atop mountains of man's wasted plots of thought. I encourage anyone who reads this before I check myself in because it's been two days without sleep, don't trust man's wasted plots of thought. Trust your own, think for yourself... dictate your own language and then systems of information and form a reality around that. The academia has been rigged for you, the strings pulled

Won't I willy Won't I willy Won't I willy Won't I willy.

I can go all night ....... though I feel fading faster. I can go all night.....

What the hammer? what the chain,
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp.
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

If you need help, then get it.
No one is going to lock you up and throw away the key.
Get help, get better, get out.

Wish I could like my own posts; keep up the good work. Bringing good fortune and tidings to the good name.

three more days until I'm _____ (A F*G)

Even a still weltering creek is moving, beneath the surface (ever so slowly) in some direction. So, too, are you - lie down in the grass and listen carefully the the slow flowing movement of your soul. Though its direction may be lost in the muddy bottoms find its movement nonetheless and try to move with it

Today I danced 10am until almost 11pm (with some interruptions)



me reading a lemon suicide thread...

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Someone that bothers to understand the deeper meaning. Thank you. I know exactly what you've said.

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