Throne of Lies

i play this with magic @gwez and some other guys still.

games alright, i like the mvp system and some of the reworks.

Throne of lies is the superior deduction game

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This server is better when the goyclub doesn’t take over.
Sadly, they have taken over this game. If I ever run this game again, I will not allow them to play.

Did you mean to post that here @Krazykat

im gonna start sharing decent or garbage patch notes here. this patch seems really good

The Neutral & Pretender Update

Quality of Life:

    Probe icon changed.


    Adjusted the spawn rate of certain Blue Dragon classes.
    In 16 player games the minimum amount of non-Killer Neutrals is now 2.
    Added a new Neutral class called the Pretender.

Minor Class/Ability Changes


    Reworked Poor Fellow. Now when the Fool is executed, players who did not vote to pardon will have their abilities disabled that night.


    Added Day Ability “Mind Control” - Force a player to vote for another and prevent further voting from them. 3 uses.


    Added Night Ability “Circle of Death” - Everyone visiting target player will die. Consumes two souls.


    Stonewall now has priority over the Mercenary’s Stand Guard.

Major Class/Ability Changes


    Class type has been changed to Special.
    Has a new night ability called Concoct Potion. The Alchemist can choose from 4 different potions to use at night.
    Emerald Potion & Crimson Potion have been moved into the Concoct Potion selection.
    Crimson Potion now has 4 uses.
    Emerald Potion now has 3 uses.
    Added “Truth Potion” to Concoct Potion - Discover a player’s class. 2 uses.
    Added “Tar Potion” to Concoct Potion - Occupy a player. 3 uses.


    Objective has been changed. They now have to live long enough to see all three Heathens die.
    No longer requires the Sorcerer to spawn in order to spawn.
    At the beginning of the game, three players will be randomly marked as Heathens. The Inquisitor will not know who they are, but they will know who each other are. Cannot start with King, Hunter, Prince, Scorned, Fool, Pretender, Mastermind, the second starting Cult member, or Neutral Killers.
    Removed Find Magic.
    New Night Ability “Interrogate” - Determine if a player is a Heathen. If they are one, you will learn their class. Infinite uses.
    Ruthless Efficiency now makes the target unhealable.


    Objective has been changed. They now must now have at least 8 brilders at the end of the game.
    Removed old passives.
    New Passive Brilder Hungry - Occupy and redirection immune.
    New Passive Protection Services - Gain brilders for protecting players. Every ability prevented with “Stand Guard” grants you 1 brilder. Preventing a death with “Shield” grants you 3 brilders.
    New Day Ability “Don Armor” - Make yourself death immune for the night. Costs 2 brilders.
    Can no longer target King with night abilities.


    Objective has been changed. They now must live long enough to see 4 players formally executed.
    Frame now has infinite uses.
    New Night Ability “Stalk” - Discover a player’s faction. 3 uses.


    Objective has been changed to match the Possessor and Reaper.
    No longer occupy & redirection immune.
    Perception passive no longer stops them from attacking Unseen/Cult members.
    Removed old day abilities.
    Removed Circle of Death.
    Added Day Ability “Walking Bomb” - Cast a deadly spell on a player that you can later detonate. Can have multiple Walking Bombs active. Cannot target King. Infinite uses.
    Added Night Ability “Detonate” - ills all players with a Walking Bomb active. Does not count as an attack. Bypasses death immunity. Infinite uses.

New Class


    Unique Neutral Special
    Objective is to become King and survive.
    No Allegiance (Passive) - Death immune at night. Upon becoming King the death immunity is lost, and you start with 0 charges of Guards!
    Royal Blood (Passive) - During the election for a new King, votes for you count twice.
    Silence (Day) - Prevent the King from using their day abilities. - 2 uses
    Ballot Mixing (Day) - Reverse the King’s vote during trial. If they voted to execute, they will instead pardon and vice versa. Affects Decide Fate. - 2 uses
    Family Matters (Night) - Discover if a player has Royal Blood. You will always get accurate results. - Infinite uses
    Kinslayer (Night) - Attack a player with Royal Blood or the King. You must have first discovered they were Royal, unless they are the King. - 2 uses

@ me next time u guys play I’ll redownload it


seeing moonmoon’s face pretty much ruined all enjoyment I could ever have of his stream

He’s shown his face many times before so I hope this ain’t recent

no he’s just gotten comfortable with being bald so now he doesnt mind turning it on

if the toggling of a facecam is what ruins the stream ur just looking for complaints. there’s way better reasons why a stream is shit

without a facecam how am i gonna derive enjoyment from b9’s reaction to his teammates saying FUCK YOU to teachother in chat, he’s not gonna laugh boisterously

Before facecam I would occasionally find him funny and relaxing.

Now that I’ve seen who he is I can’t watch without feeling sad and uncomfortable

Just an old fat man sitting in front of a computer saying twitch emojis out loud

Yeah I wouldn’t want to watch myself either

Sorry - let me put it in words you all would understand - Watching him is very MonkaS. I just look at it and get a feeling of 4Head.

you just made yourself look stupid but alright

You’re really being very FailFish right now.


Of course, the guy that thinks attractive women turning on a webcam are the bane of all evil, loses all interest in a stream and is disgusted when an UNATTRACTIVE, BALDING MALE does it.