No ur claim to fame is playing with Katsu get it right

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EG need a hell of a LB run

I didn’t know you knew Katsu, is he still alive?

Yeah he was on steam earlier. I dont talk with him much anymore

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ah cool

I always liked him, he has a great sense of humour, kinda troubled guy though

I hope he’s doing well

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hey man how have you been

you say hello, I open youtube and my top suggested category is filthy frank videos

algorithms are some wild shit

fine been playing POE

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right on man it’s good to hear from you

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Have you heard of a guy named jdance

ya didn't he get alkaizer banned for posting fbi crime statistics in his offline chat

EG made it through the bo1. So did Quincy Crew.

Sadly, Undying did not.

I feel bad for Timado.
Second time at TI and he got eliminated after one game. Again.


To be fair he played more than 1 game

But yeah main stage is tough


what a game

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Watching some dotes today

The fake crowd is funny

Vp lost this for sure

Bruh VG what’re you doingggg

Rip EG

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