Od and fogged talking about all the changes from ti9 to ti10 is wild rn it’s been so fucking long

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Wolf tiny is some clowny shit lmfao

I hear it's making old players feel nostalgic, I guess I'll watch. Hopefully EG doesn't suck this year

i added ti to the sidebar, partially because for whatever reason the official stream doesn't show up at all in the dota section lol

thanks ban

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OG vs. VP game one was great.
VP dominated and got a 20k+ gold lead and OG came back to win.
Worth watching.
OG could actually do a 3-pete.

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who's Pete

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yeah halfway through the year OG looked dead, then Ana retires… and now fastforward to today and they legit look like the best team at TI

fucking unreal

I hate this casting approach

Support Weaver everywhere lmao

I’m glad that ceb can see and we got to experience the sumail OG

Every time I see support Skywrath Mage, it's twice as poor as the next poorest support in the game. Why do they keep picking it?

i dont know the current patch but usually you’d pick it if you have a core that can get 2 man pickoffs with him

also putting a lot of emphasis on having strong lanes

Eg has a pretty comfy walk to top 6 if everything pans out

China fuckin shit up though

So glad quincy are playing poorly. Only cuz that Quinn is non pma and toxic AF. I can only imagine what he says to the team when misplays happen and what happens when he misplays himself. Hope he goes on some arbitrary self deprecating rant about himself.

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wow winkieduck 2nd order toxicity

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things are looking kinda grim for EG :pepehands:

i want it to be known i played on a team with bryle for a few months in 2015

thank you that is all