TIL about the statistics page

Some quick takeaways

  • Nmagane must be using anti-afk script.
  • Benny and I receive relatively few likes compared to our post counts.
  • YNS wastes no time, with only 1 day read time and 1.4k posts, he is a very efficient poster.
  • Epok is a new topic spammer.
  • I read relatively few posts compared to other posters
  • Both benny and I are not fans of liking posts. The few that I have liked were on accident and I can't seem to take them away.

What do you guys see?

https://namafia.com/u?period=all Here is the stats page if you are interested.

really glad to be on this list.

I noticed I have a very high # of read posts, but a much lower read time than people with a similar number of read posts. Makes sense as I am an extremely fast reader.

if you stay on the frontpage a lot it helps. I’m one to just have a thread open all the time

You mean like this page? https://namafia.com/

also I’m just thinking about how I odubt I’ve read 14.3k posts. I’ve definitely scrolled past them!

yeah this measure definitely isnt a good one when it comes to reading speed/comprehension lol

Amer has given 1.7k likes.

That’s is 1.4k higher than the next highest liker, Paine.

Ersu’s 119 topics are likely due to the thread move/merge action using the same process as thread creation under the hood, thus causing his moderator activities to be logged as threads created. Dan being the next highest here makes sense.

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Haha, your earnest replies always crack me up.

Amer was brazy with the likes, wish that dude would come back.


I have one of the lowest read times nice

I don’t imagine you read anything



I mean duh hence why I have one of the lowest read times? Are you dumb or some shit?

Man I regret editing my post to be nice now, obviously you’re still immature

I just let the words flow through my keyboard like a river

Ersu just made all the Hero threads in Hero Discussion

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This might be the opposite, actually. As certain threads full of high IQ individuals make long, detailed posts that take more time to read than the low IQ drivle that is the majority of threads