time for minecraft

where is alrightsoul???

@big_ass boot it up.

no hackers.

no stealing cows.

Asoul is unbelievably busy at the moment. Lots of support tickets at his job (blizzard entertainment)

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i dont believe that. blizzard only uses automated responses

Who do you think copy and pastes the responsesm

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i really hope that is not his real job

It is haga d4 did not go as opanned

there is no way his job is to copy paste

Thats his job!

@big_ass where is the minecraft server? i want to playwith my good ol pals

please don't spam. this is a [SERIOUS] thread


thank you.

will you be playing with us on the server that @big_ass will be hosting for the community?

I dont knownhow to play i forgot

its a game for kids. i am sure you can figure it out

this is a community event and we need everyone to participate


It's true that i am busy at my job but will get to this when i can

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We will have an anarchy server

I might make you pay server cost kyle or we'll crowdsource it. In previous servers i was paying like 30 a month myself