Tinder thread


is there an easy way to make burner FB accounts for this shit? Always concerned about that

Has anyone had any success using burner FB accounts? For some reason I still think the “connections” dynamic helps when it really shouldn’t

All I got… I only used the app for a day a month ago but I love this type of content.

I don’t think I have mine connected to anything

She better match me

oh dude st petes has the HOTTEST nyu bound jewesses

I still use a Tinder profile where all the pictures are a year and a half old so I’m 70 lbs lighter in them

Holy fuck

Lose weight dude

It’s st. Pete you fucking tourist

I would never live there lol

Yeah it sucks

How do I restrict the BMI in my results to under 23

Idk maybe they have a convolutional neural network that starts to identify BMI through photos

Definitely hate it when the pictures are groups of girls and it’s never clear which one I must objectify and choose to chat with online. Man this app is so fuckign shallow lmao

i met my current gf on tinder

Nothing wrong with that. I just think the app in itself lends to shallow thinking on my part

I hate it when girls are obviously incredibly extraverted I always swipe decline because there’s no way I’m keeping up with her and her friends