tired of 3rd world graphic designers must learn AI

learning how to use AI image creators kinda funny and hard lol

started couple hours ago. Gonna make twater easier.

Plasma1337x defeat flying penguins in a game of counter-strike winning 16-6

chateau frontenac (thats the prompt)

AI cant seem to put a scoreboard up or anything lol


fucking canadiennes

painting of team plasma winning against petuh squad in a game of counter strike. quebec city is plasma home city in the background. plasma radiating everywhere

i dunno this shit is gonna tkae some time to figure out lolol


prompt: response to plasma1337x namafia post; specifics include quebec city and quail eggs

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it gets screwy with # lol


which program are you using to do this?

and does it cost money?

I’m gonna guess mid journey. You just have to join the discord and get a limited # of prompts a day

Terrible landing page but has the disc link

smart from bing who tf even uses this. Yopu have to gain like microsoft points for it to run faster

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You can self host this shit on your pc with minimal effort

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You need a decent gfx card tho

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