To my Canadian friends

Who lives in Toronto or Montreal. I’m traveling there in a few weeks with my pops on a hockey trip. If your not nmagane hit me up let’s chill somewhere. Clearly near habs or leafs arena.

list of known attenders.


maybe ysl


I’m going to Canada to visit my friend @TreeWonSevin soon. We could meet.

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I’d love to see you again.
Get capgrass to pick me up otw to see you

i dont want to meet you

if you are willing to come to Toronto

Im on capgrass’s way to toronto. if not it’s an easy train ride away to downtown

We get in town like the 20th 21st depending on how we feel. for the caps/leafs game.

Why not

I go on vacation on the 23/24 or so, so maybe the friday or something

lets get hotpot on spadina fellas, i know a place.

See you guys there

we fly home on the 24th. the 23 we watching habs and leafs game in toronto. but the 22nd gonna be at dans place.

Can you please read the PM I sent to you about your mafia game? Thanks

does db show creepy pictures in person too jw

No desire to meet you due to your online personality


What do you mean

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Most of the people I know online would love to meet me.

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