To my Egyptian friends

Who lives in Cairo or Asyut. I’m traveling there in a few weeks with my pops on a sex tourism trip. If your not wintermute hit me up let’s chill somewhere. Clearly near mosque of amr ibn al-as or the Great Pyramid


list of known attenders.


maybe jcrispy

I’m going to a Muslim brotherhood trade convention out there around the same time maybe we could meet up

Will be on layover in Asyut soon.

What’s the deal with airline food

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I’ll be in Zagazig for a wedding in early March, you still gonna be around?

Good city for Fags.

i will be attending.

casual racism will never be accepted. this is going on your file.

ty i enjoyed this post

I’m in if jcrispy is :smile:

To my Egyptian friends:

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This is LOST

Sorry its a secret message intended tp be read by only my Egyptian friend Hunter Jizzin