Toronto = South Africa

Lel this is what rich white South Africans have to do xD buy their own security

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I wonder who is doing this.

Toronto does in fact equal south africa.

but for real toronto is like one of the safest cities in the world. hysterical toronto people that insist they live in a dangerous place are the funniest breed of people.

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normalize by how much it costs to live there.

It's like an average of 30 cars stolen a day here kek

toronto is the safest major city in North America by most metrics.

Toronto people are so rich they don’t report the car theft.

Car laundering

150usd per car a month in insurance for average car in Toronto

Toronto seems great. Big safe city with free cars.


This place just gets worse and worse

Took me moments to figure out that the officer wanted him to stop waving the flag in his face obstructing his view. Not that he wanted him to stop waving a Canadian flag in general.

People make this dishonest shit to get you riled up.

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works when your average tweet viewer wont figure that detail out

He can move

Yeah but George Floyd was real.

Let us remember George floyd as he lived, trying to pass fake $20 bills off to buy bananas and pointing guns at pregnant women’s stomachs as he robbed them. Amen