im transracial below the belt


im asian below the belt

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@Roragok huh let's go left loony this your your rabbit hole :rabbit: what's your opinion?


Umm, the Left is the side that outs this stuff, dumbfuck. They're the ones who exposed Dolezal, Warren (long before Trump did), and a number of prominent academics in the past couple of years

Too much replying to idiot topics on the site not enough time leveling

Transracial is real

the hell did this mean

When your opponent uses harsh words they are ready to retreat

SUN tzu art of war

Welp ur triggered and confused it's okay. Your people created this. I for one accept his bravery to come out transracial

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U just mad cuz all the wiggers get to be black now

Oh I'm a far right racist terrorist

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You cant just change races

sad story either way!

seriously reconsidering my BTS tattoo after this one!


i dont look up to k pop stars because too many of them have plastic surgery and honestly i dont see the appeal.

I identify as a brown man today (bobbles head)

Unlike gender, race presents as categorised (often physical) traits that are socially constructed and understood.

I guess tits and vagina and a dong is not physical

This is great lolol


Every non white woman that dyes their hair blonde are transracial

No, dumbfuck, I'm using harsh words because you're a moron that deserves harsh treatment. When you don't respond to actual arguments, you've lost

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