Treant Protector Discussion Thread

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whats the build? hero is pretty fun

i see ppl get midas first item but i also see ppl get meteor as first item, i remember some1 saying midas is overrated on him cause meteor hammer gets you farming lanes much better anyways, while giving more impact in fights as well, whats the verdict

also do you get soul ring or just get clarities like every1 else or what?

also also, big fan tranqs + windlace in the beginning, MS feels SO good on tree

dont stack my camps and don’t ward my fucking lane; i’m so sick of support players who try to be team players just to get commends. if you’re playing support then you suck at the game so go afk in the trees stupid ugly retard

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Rush meteor hammer and start ratting till blink radiance tbh

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Dont play this hero

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