Tribunals -- How, When, and how do we best determine candidates as a republic?


idea: nadota march madness – we use brackets and winner gets a month ban and a permanent brown comic sans name

just ban who i tell u to and dont who i dont and the people will be behind u

this is honestly getting really sad

15 person site; ban 3 (20%)

idea: force everyone to play in a dota inhouse league

idea: add a “page” between every 20 posts

make two groups of moderators - with one being Suoper moderators with a green name

Is that what you want?
The Whack It Shack will help the site generate traffic (tribunal time)

You know when I said you were very close to overstepping the line between a real forum and a video game? I wake up to these two great threads…

No offense but you’re not spitwad and clearly have no idea how to act as an admin from the looks of it.

Just having some fun dude! Settle down, there wouldn’t be any tribunals for a while. I think it’s a decent solution to growing pains, it’s way better than forcing people off the site by harassing them if you don’t like them. I wouldn’t host a tribunal now, if I did it would just be mean to you Benny and alightsoul since you guys tend to be the more divisive posters

Dunno why I have to follow up every silly idea I have with “it’s just talking about it bro”, you think that would already be self evident. Just like I said on the old site I’d much rather let the community determine what would be a good fun idea instead of thinking I can do a better job. That’s why I make threads instead of trying to roll something stupid out myself.

You’ve got a problem with authority, but then again so do I so I can’t really knock you for it lol

I obviously know that you’re just talking about it. That’s the problem - you’re forcing ideas.
It’s not about authority - it’s about You personally.

I’m getting trolled here cuz I know you’re not that dumb lol

Yeah but this makes me want to win now

I am that dumb and you’re “just talking about” too many things.

VERY contradictory statement here.

Right here, right now, and I’m voting for u