Troll Thread.

Any ideas on how I can troll nmaGane? Currently micspMming Dota sounds while they play HON.

Psst. Psst. Over here. In the bushes.

Welcome... To the thread.



there's a full moon in the middle of the day
got them wolves out rocking with the cartier

talk about getting a job and moving out of your parents house

I feel sorry for Nma. Banned from the site, and on bad terms with the goys, his (presumably) main two forms of "social" interaction

Ppl still play HoN?

wow, local organic free range memes

very cool!

Dude looks like Riki Martin and has lots of cash

He could walk out the door and fuck any women he wants, can you say the same?

You're talking to a man who can have sex with any woman is Asyut.

The truth is - Nma was residing in USA due to an academic scholarship in 2014, since he had a few more years of school , he was going to marry Brendan Gleason into a U.S citizenship, but things didn't work out. Yeah, that's the Brendan Gleason deal.

Still don't know who brendan gleason is and at this point it's been far too long to ask


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