TRUMP 2020


10k on him at 2.70

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Depends on the bet: whether he wins the election or remains the president. Former is a bad bet, latter is good

Kavanaugh, Roberts, and Barrett were on Bush's legal team for Bush v. Gore (I think Barrett was actually on Jeb's arguing his authority to stop the recount). Thomas was in the majority ruling. Alito will 100% join the "Trump wins." The best bet is Gorsuch switching and then Roberts believing that throwing away all the credibility when they have a 6-3 majority just for a Trump reelection isn't worth it

when i think about how a vote for biden is a vote to put hunter biden in the white house i feel much better about my vote

W. House hopeful Biden's son held at gunpoint during crack buy: report

July 1, 2019

Washington (AFP) - Hunter Biden, the son of former US vice president Joe Biden, admitted to being held at gunpoint while trying to buy crack cocaine, according to an article published Monday in The New Yorker.

Joe Biden, the current frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, has repeatedly faced family tragedy during his decades in public office.

After approaching a homeless man in downtown Los Angeles in 2016, "Hunter said that the man took him to a nearby homeless encampment, where, in a narrow passageway between tents, someone put a gun to his head before realizing that he was a buyer," the article says.

The New Yorker piece cites interviews with Hunter Biden -- who said that he "needed a way to forget" -- and people who knew and interacted with him.

"He returned to buy more crack a few times that week," the article continues in a section detailing a period of drug use and tumult in Biden's life.

I love hunter biden.

Semen retention has polluted refpsi with impure homosexual urges.

based on this video i might have to vote for this guy

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im getting weak in the knees

i want him to grab me like this


dude's got a certified thicc dumper

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Mans really think he killin it smh if he came around zeta with that shit his ass woulda been roasted to Mars and back

dems already has turnout problems, how are they going to show up to vote with covid going on? are they doing large scale mail in ballots?

yes, republicans meanwhile are trying their hardest to keep as many people from voting as possible

Yeah, I did mine by mail. Good luck on your bet

your going to make a lot of money methinks

Trump won