Trump the best

Trump the best

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plasma aint lying

He’s the best

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Removed from Colorado ballot kekistan

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i keep seeing him get removed from ballots. the maga metldown is gonna be juicy

It's going to be a shit show the entire world looks to be doing dumb shit before he gets in and stops them

Kind of wild to remove your opponent from the ballot because you can’t beat him

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But so far it’s only Colorado and Maine (Democrat states) will be interesting as more of these solid Democrat states remove him from the ballot under the justification that he is unable to hold any political office due to “insurrection” like what do you do if he wins the presidency? Don’t recognize it lmao?

Yeah it's an extremely stupid precedent to set, it's always the case that these dem states create some stupid justification for massive oversteps of power and then act shocked when that same power isn't used in a way that favors them

It's usually white English liberals too. They are so fucking weird.

It’s dumb white women always

The only people who support them are beta simps and other white women

the thing is there is A LOT of them.