I just want to say go Trump


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tuck frump

1 more war and I get 3 in a row

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What the fuck?

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ur just jelly that i almost have a bingo

Bottle of vodka covering my dick btw

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>"the jews are not real"
>plasma1337 has an israel flag hanging in his home

did he say jews aren't real


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nevermind just saw the other thread.

legitimately disturbing stuff

Add 2 more bottles of vodka to that. Went on a bit of a bender this weekend Friday Saturday Sunday

This + the one on my crotch

I literally shit out the like 100$ in take out I had today

If my bullying made you start drinking alone, please continue. Loser.

no, it was work. Construction has come to a complete halt almost for condos in toronto. I worked like 6 hours in 1.5 months and have been paid in full and im thinking how is this sustainable kinda been sitting around with anxiety but doing better. Offered to take a pay cut at work. They said no dont worry. I wont take my raise January though suppposed to get anotehr 2k a month w/e not like i do anything anyway

thats how ive had time to send out 2000 emails xD

Take the raise. It's not on you to fix a broken system

No it's a small engineering company. I can't in good conscience take it when there is a massive slow down just b4 it. I can wait a bit I'll be fine.

Thanks though.

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