Turf War v2 Day 1

Turf War

Had to unfuck myself last weekend sorry about not starting yesterday. Stay hydrated kids. There will be lore after day 1 I promise, the best lore, the biggest lore, the deepest lore. Try to kill the bad guys this time.


  • Normal elimination mechanics

  • Everyone is paired into neighborhoods, including the mafia.

  • Neighborhoods are organized using pm's, and it is possible to have a neighborhood consisting of two mafia neighbors, two town neighbors, or one of each.


  • Each neighborhood shares a night chat and vigilante ability that can be used each NIGHT.

  • If one neighbor dies, that neighborhood loses the ability to shoot.

  • Neighbors must agree on their target, or no action will be taken. They may also agree to target no one. Neighbors may not shoot themselves or their neighbors.

  • Neighbors must also agree on who performs the action, if a target is chosen/agreed upon.

Mafia Faction

  • Each member of the mafia has a 1-shot roleblocking ability they may use on anyone, including a faction partner (but not themselves), once during the game.

  • Mafia do not have a standard nightkill; however, the faction may choose a nightkill target that will take effect only if all neighborhoods do not target anyone for a shot.

  • Each member of the mafia will be paired with a neighbor.


Role PMs

Vanilla Town

Town Neighbor PM


You are a town neighbor, your neighbor is _____

You win when all threats to the town are eliminated

Mafia Neighbor

Mafia Neighbor PM


You are a mafia neighbor, your neighbor is ______, your mafia teammate is ______

You win when all of town is dead or nothing can stop you from killing them.

Day 1 ends midnight est 5/26 or until a majority of 5 is reached

Alive Players



My neighbor is yns. Everyone should declare neighbors d1, preferably early

@mafiabot startday 6856

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

bazingaboy, iaafr, yns, electrowizard, KrazyKat, gwez, Nyte, ian,

Alive Players - 8

Majority Vote - 5



i fucked one thing up and had to reroll roles, sorry but nothing happened yet so it should be ok. sending a fresh pm

your neighbor may have changed! check up on them today! ask them how they deal with the existential dread while vacuuming

After rerolls, yns is still my neighbor

Alright kill ewiz

Let’s not claim neighbors again

Actually, considering it’s ewiz he will likely agree with me to shoot him self tonight so we can lynch someone else if you guys want

Claiming neighbors I don’t think actually has any benefit


hey sup dude

yuo mafia bro??

Hey lol

@mafiabot lynch @iaafr

Lol yes it does. Explained here:

Claiming neighbors early helps analyze interactions better/more clearly

Not instavoting me? :thinking:

I thought about it but you're being emotionally vulnerable lately and I don't want to punish that

does this imply that youre trying to extort emotional vulnerability out of me