Turf War v3 Day 2

Day 2

@Nyte an esteemed seleucid dignitary was found killed to death last night after the stalemate in our proceedings last evening. She was a Town Neighbor. With the die rolling poorly for our egyptian comrade orangeandblack5 last night our numbers dwindle to sad face levels. The walls close in, the shadows whisper of conspiracy. Now the true test, hold fast or expire.

Alive Players


Day ends wednesday 1 am est or until a majority of 4 is reached

@mafiabot startday 7266

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

insom, ian, kyle, bazingaboy, iaafr, SOPHIE,

Alive Players - 6

Majority Vote - 4


did kyle convince his neighbor to kill nyte

orange was mine and I had a correct vague townread too

about to post my role pm

I shot nyte

I don't have much faith in ian

i would have tried harder to kill mafia but you dont even want my help lol so.

I just really don't care about this game

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grats mafia

@mafiabot vote Kyle

still policying

i have three monitors and with rimworld and runescape and trying to figure out why theres still tacacs equipment on the network i dont have the screen real estate let alone time for this game. @mafiabot vote @kyle

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i can post the template if people want. they're incredibly basic only difference for mafia is after their neighbor it says their scum partner. unless youre just trying to grief lol

I think it has to be on its own line not sure

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters
kyle 2 ian, iaafr

Not Voting

insom, kyle, bazingaboy, SOPHIE,

Alive Players - 6

Majority Vote - 4


I don't know what you're perceiving but I was just expressing how I felt about this game

it's not officially unambiguous gameruining until I actually post my role pm and I've stopped myself

I would like everyone to take this Osiris reply as confirmation of my town alignment tho


Kyle would be about 2/3rds as unbearable if he didn't take not reading setups as some sort of arbitrary badge of pride but that would still be too unbearable

hey everyone I'm Quirky I don't Read Setups I like Vanilla haha deal with me haha

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ian is sophie town

hes felt muted after what i thought was a decent started

basically your all scum and both my top townreads are dead

decent start*

im willing to sheep any scumread that looks half decent as long as its not from kyle

thats my official stance this game day

if youre town then games on you to make a half decent scumread

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if orange lived in the rand i was probably gonna convince him to shoot kyle

which, even if not scum, wouldve been good for my enjoyment of this game

but now orange (who explicitly said he had time to play d2) is dead and i dont have a vig shot and at least 1 town voted him

and he wasnt even around to self pres onto nolynch

like lmao

it was a Weird ending time but I don't think we shoulda lynched him day 1. if we lynch Ian I lose my shot lol. I'm guessing town only has one shot left