Turf War v3

Day 1

Alexander the Great has just died. The Diadochi states (Ptolemy, Seleucia, Bactria, Illyria) are trying to peacefully divide the empire between themselves but some royalists have slipped in attempting to topple the heads of the divide and restore Alexander's 14 year old son to the head of state and reinstate his empire. He's incompetent let us be rid of these of traditionalists


  • Normal elimination mechanics

  • Everyone is paired into neighborhoods, including the mafia.

  • Neighborhoods are randomized, and it is possible to have a neighborhood consisting of two mafia neighbors, two town neighbors, or one of each.


  • Each neighborhood shares a vigilante ability that can be used each night.

  • If one neighbor dies, that neighborhood loses the ability to shoot.

  • Neighbors must agree on their target, or no action will be taken. They may also agree to target no one. Neighbors may not shoot themselves or their neighbors.

  • Neighbors must also agree on who performs the action, if a target is chosen/agreed upon.

Mafia Faction

  • 1 mafia neighbor is a 2 shot roleblocker. They can perform their neighborhood kill and roleblock on the same night

  • 1 mafia neighbor is a saboteur who can target a player to be night killed; this will only succeed if no neighborhood elects to kill

  • Each member of the mafia will be paired with a neighbor.

  • Mafia partners have daychat

Alive Players



@mafiabot startday 7266

Day ends 1 am est monday 11/22 or until a majority of 5 is reached

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

insom, ian, kyle, bazingaboy, orangeandblack5, iaafr, SOPHIE, Nyte,

Alive Players - 8

Majority Vote - 5





ok why not

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ok the theme is greek society so straight people are the enemy

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@mafiabot lynch ian

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my partner is sophie

can the good players figure out how we win this game please i'm hella confused

does everyone just die n1?

lie about who your partner is and who you are shooting

but if mafia knows youre lying then telling the truth is actually the best lie you can tell

ian is my partner

@mafiabot lynch @bazingaboy

god you are so fucking DUMB

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i am vigilante. i think the best play town if i reveal now. that way we have 1 confirmed town and no one shoots me.

i read the setup for this game.

ok i lied. i didn't read it. but i am vigilante still. osiris told me so.

@Osiris shoot @KrazyKat